(This Online Job Application Form should be used only if the applicant is in a position to attend an interview at the school office in Abu Dhabi or at one of the centres in India.)

If, from the data provided below, the school office finds that the applicant fulfils the basic requirements for recruitment to the school, he / she will be contacted through an email or a letter to attend an interview whenever and wherever it is held. Generally interviews are held at the school office in Abu Dhabi or once in a year in certain major cities of India. Applicants are not recruited without going through a formal interview.


Position for which the application is made :   



Personal Details

  1. Name of the Applicant :
  2. Father's / Husband's name :
  3. Mother's Name : 
  4. Nationality of the Applicant :
  5. Native State :       
  6. Mother tongue :
  7. Religion :                       
  8. Sex :
  9. Date of Birth :        
  10. Place of Birth :
  11. Passport details :
  12. (a) Number :    (b)  Date of issue :     (c) Expiry date :
  13. Phone :     Area Code :
  14. Fax :
  15. Email :
  16. Marital Status :
  17. Did you apply for a job in this school at any time in the past ?
  18. If presently married, details about the spouse :(a) Name of the spouse : (b) Profession of spouse : (c) Number of children :     (d) Age of eldest child :    (e) Age of youngest child :
  19. Address for Correspondence :                                               
  20. Permanent Address :                                              
  21. Please mention the facilities you like to be provided if you are working on our visa :                                                                       
  22. Is single status accommodation acceptable to you  ?
  23. What are the minimum and maximum periods of your employment in UAE ? Give reasons.                                                       
  24. Do you have any health problems ? If yes, give details :           


Qualifications & Experience

Educational Qualifications :

Name of Cert./ Degree/Diploma School/College/University Medium Subject(s) Year of Passing Result

Professional Experience : (Certain required details not relevant to non-teaching jobs may be left blank.)

Level at which teaching was done Name & Place of Establishment Medium of teaching Subject(s) taught Designation No. of years of experience


Professional Exposure

1.    Mention the places you have travelled to :  


2.    Give details of the sports / activities you have participated in as a student :


3.     Give details of the sports / activities you have organised as a teacher :


4       If you have published articles in periodicals/magazines etc., give details ;


5.    Explain in brief why you consider yourself, the most suitable candidate for the job you have applied : (50 words only)


6.    Write in about 100 words your concept of a good school :


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