The Al Rayyan Family is happy to be back after a long  break.

1. A new venue, Villa :

The grandiose plan to shift to a new villa has been accomplished. Al Rayyan National (Pvt.) School is now an impressive villa with a beautiful facade. Separate sections for boys and girls, spacious classrooms, a well equipped Science Laboratory, an excellent library conducive to academic excellence, a big computer laboratory, a shady playground and an inviting canteen to satisfy the appetite have been given top priority. At the helm of affairs is the Principal, Dr. Liaquat Ali Khan.

2. Come September and it's back to school
Al Rayyan National (Pvt.) School re-opened for the new academic year -1999-2000. For students of K.G. II to Grade X on 6th Sept'99 and K.G. I on 11th Sept'99.

3. The Four Houses

The traditional names of the four houses Blue, Green, Red and Yellow were replaced with the name of precious gems- Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby and Topaz. The morning assembly is conducted by the four houses on a weekly basis. It is judged by the supervisors. Topaz House stands first at the end of the second round and this term. The assembly activities will resume in the next semester.

4. The School Council

The Prefectorial Council was sworn in on 29th Sept.'99. The names of the Office bearers are mentioned below :



Sapphire House :

House Captain, V. Captain (Boys)

Captain : Mir Ruwaid Anwar ( Gr. IX B)

V. Captain : Rabie Bin Sultan (Gr. VIII B)

House Captain, V. Captain (Girls)

Captain : Ghadeer N.S. Arafa ( Gr. IX A)

V. Captain : Ameena Mohd. Omar (Gr. VIII A)

Sports Captain


Moh'd Issa  - (Gr. IX-B)


Udaig Saeed - (Gr. VIII-A)

Emerald House :

House Captain, V. Captain (Boys)

Captain : Anupam Alam  (Gr. IX B)

V. Captain : Syed Ali Hyder (Gr. VIII B)

House Captain, V. Captain (Girls)

Captain : Noor Azraq
( Gr. IX A)

V. Captain : Maliha Enam (Gr. VIII A)

Sports Captain


Faisal Kabir  - (Gr. IX-B)


Sana Tiwana - (Gr. VIII-A)

Topaz House :

House Captain, V. Captain (Boys)

Captain : Waleed Arshad Ali ( Gr. IX B)

V. Captain : Moh'd Imran (Gr. VIII B)

House Captain, V. Captain (Girls)

Captain : Saira Zaheer
( Gr. IX A)

V. Captain : Nurul Elmy
(Gr. VIII A)

Sports Captain


Eran Vashika  - (Gr. IX-B)


Iram Sarfaraz - (Gr. IX-A)

Ruby House :

House Captain, V. Captain (Boys)

Captain : Moh'd Raisul I. Choudhary  ( Gr. IX-B)

V. Captain : Moh'd Saeed (Gr. IX-B)

House Captain, V. Captain (Girls)

Captain : Sithara S. Kuttinath ( Gr. VIII-A)

V. Captain : Sharasad Hassan (Gr. IX- A)

Sports Captain


Moh'd Naeem  - (Gr. VII-B)


Amal A. Aqueel  - (Gr. VIII-A)

5. Co-curricular Acitivity Session, First Semester

The Principal Dr. Liaquat Ali Khan has taken great care in selecting special activities for the students of the school.

i) Activities after class hours

a) Science Club
b) Expository English
c) Sports and Games
d) Swimming

These activities are conducted under the guidance of special teachers. Interested students participate, on days reserved for boys and girls separately.

ii) a) Tourist Club Activity during class hours

Besides the Physical Training period, Students visit the Tourist Club in turns for sports and games to develop a sound mind in a sound body. This year the frequency has been increased as the level of interest in students is rather high.  A day out, freshens the mind and betters growth and development.  This activity does not disrupt the normal working schedule of the School.

b) The Golden Falcon

The Golden Falcon is an Aero-modelling Club organised to impart training in making different Aero-models. The boys, termed as Cadets are trained to make static and flying models. The club is headed by a Captain and instructed by an instructing officer.  All official activities of the club are recorded by an adjutant appointed from amongst the cadets.  It is a sponsored activity.

All expenses are borne by the Club. The club works directly under the Patronage of the Principal Dr. Liaquat Ali Khan. The current strength of the club is of seven cadets and a captain.

6. The School Magazine

The joy of bringing out a magazine truly reflecting the school is a reward in itself.  "School Times " represents the creative talents of our budding writers, poets and artists.

This magazine is purely a children's contribution.

The Creative Five names and occupations are as follows :

 Hani S. - Chief Editor
Wakas A. - Editor
Ghadeer A.- Writer
Hussam A. - Reporter
Wahaj R. - Reporter

7. Visit to the Sharjah Book Fair

The Principal Dr. Liaquat Ali Khan believes in providing the best for the students and staff.  Some teachers visited the Sharjah Book fair and bought more reading and reference material.  An extensive library with books arouses greater interest in children and enhances their knowledge.

8. Annual Picnics

The School arranged a picnic for all students.
K.G. I and II went to Mushrif Park on 25th Oct.'99.  Grade I, II and III went to the Baniyas Park on 26th Oct.'99 and 27th Oct.'99 respectively.  Grades IV-IX boys went to the Hilli Fun City on 11th Nov.'99 and the girls went on 18th Nov.'99.

9. Inter-School Declamation Competition

An Inter-School Declamation Competition was held on 24th Nov.'99 at the Indian Islahi Islamic School. Four Students participated.

Junior Section :

Mst. Rabie Bin Sultan - VIIIB
Ms. Sithara S. - VIII A

Senior Section :

Mst. Hani Shahid Jamal - Gr. X
Ms. Sado Hassan - Gr. X

10. Inter-Class Elocution Competition

The School held an Inter-Class Elocution Competetion for all classes.

Poetry Recitation From K.G. I to Gr. VI

Winners :

K.G. I

1. Nazia Shahbhaz
2. Rishika Fernandez


1. Farhana Firdous
2. Moh'd Khalid

Grade I-A

1. Yassin Izuddin
2. Fatima Saleh

Grade II-A

1. Ahmed Hafeel
2. Ayla Batool

Grade III-A

1. Nour Adhila
2. Sara Tassadque

Grade IV-A & IV-B

1. Hanna Ismail
2. Michael Luna

Grade V-A & V-B

1. Marshneil D'souza
2. Gopinath S.

Grade VI-B & VI-A

1. Nihal Shahid Jamal
2. Thisaru Pinnaduwag

Declamation Competition from Grades VII to IX

Winners :

Grade VII-A

1. Safa Omar
2. Afrah Abdulhafid Zein

Grade VIII-A

1. Sithara Sethumadhavan
2. Maliha Enam

Grade IX-A & IX-B

1. Gadheer Arafa
2. Baqir Lakhani

11. All Play and no work makes Jack and Jill a mere toy

Tremendous importance is given to academics as well. Regular testing in all subjects is done and students performances are recorded.  The first C.A.P. segment ended on 17th Nov.'99.  The results were declared to the students on 24th Nov.'99.

12. Parent-Teacher Meetings

Every month a special day is reserved for a meeting with the Parents of the school. All Teachers meet Parents wherein many issues pertaining to the progress of their ward are discussed. Three such meetings were held in the first semester.

13. Half Yearly Examination

Preparation for the Half-Yearly Examination began on 7th Dec.'99.  Thorough revision in all subjects was done for the examinations which commenced on 20th Dec.'99 and ended on 4th Jan.'2000.

That's all from the Al Rayyan News Desk. The Al Rayyan Family will be glad to be back next semester with more and exciting news.

1.Second Semester

The School re-opened for the second semester on 22nd Jan.' 2000 for teachers and 23rd Jan.'2000 for students. A general assembly was held on the school ground. The Principal Dr. Liaquat Ali Khan welcomed the students after the winter break.

2. Declaration of Half Yearly Examination Results

The results were processed and declared to the students on 26-01-2000.

3. C.A.P. segment II & III

The Second C.A.P. term commenced a week after school re-opened for the second semester. Regular testing in various subjects was done and results declared on 15-03-2000.

The Third C.A.P. segment followed immediately after C.A.P. II.  The results were processed and declared to anxious students on 17-05-2000.

4. Parent-Teacher Meetings

The First Parents Teacher Meetings in the Second semester was held on 26th Jan. 2000.
Answers scripts of the Half Yearly Examination were handed over to the parents for a discussion.

Such meetings were held every fourth Wednesday of the month to enable parents to discuss with teachers various issues concerning their wards.

5. Visit to the Tourist Club

Students from K.G. to Gr. IX were taken to the Tourist Club for sports and games in turns.  Training in various events for the Sports Day was also carried out.

6. Assembly Activity

Assembly activities resumed in the second week of the second semester in reverse order - Topaz, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald.  Grade II to X present and conduct the assembly- Saturday to Tuesday housewise. Wednesday is specially reserved for K.G. I to Grade I, classwise.

7. Sports Uniform

The School introduced a special sports uniform representing the colours of the four houses.  Students wear the same during their visits to the Tourist Club, on P.T. days, Sports day and for Picnics.

8. After School Activities

The After School activities commenced in the first week of February' 2000 for interested students only.  A presentation or a briefing of a particular activity is usually done during assembly.  Children of the entire school become aware of what each activity is all about.

9. Web Page

The Principal Dr. Liaquat Ali Khan gave children an opportunity to create their own Web Page.

10. Inter - School Cricket Match

The School Cricket Team participated in a "Six A Side Inter-School Cricket Tournament " on 17th Feb.'2000.  Five Schools participated - Dubai Scholars, Stanford Academy, Al Nahda, Al Rayyan and the host school, Cambridge High School.

In the First and Second matches Al Rayyan defeated Cambridge and Al Nahda School. While in the Third match, Al Rayyan was defeated by Dubai Scholar's School.

Al Rayyan National (Pvt.) School was awarded a special trophy for the "Most Sporting Team".  The players were - Hani Shahid Jamal, Baqir Lakhani, A. Quddus, A. Sami, Abdullah, Eran Vashika and Waqas.

11.Annual Sports Day

The Fourth Annual Sports Atheletic Meet was held on 1st March 2000, in the main stadium of the Shaikh Zayed Sports City.  The Principal Dr. Liaquat Ali Khan declared the Sports Meet Open, the House Captains took the sports oath, there were exciting events for K.G. - I to Grade III children, Grades IV - X had flat races (80 mtrs. & 100 mtrs.) and a 4 X 100 metres relay.  Main attractions were Umbrella Drill grades I-III, Lezium. Drill Grades IV-VIII girls and Pyramids by the boys. Many parents graced the occasion.

12. Inter-School Hockey Tournament

The Al Rayyan Hockey Team, led by their captain Hani Shahid Jamal of Grade X participated in a "Five a Side Hockey Tournament" held  at the Cambridge High School.

Out of four matches, the boys were able to draw three but lost one match. The best performance was of Mohammed Issa, Grade IX.

Annual Day Function :

The 5th Annual Day Function was held at the Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation Auditorium on Sunday 23rd April, 2000.

The Chief Guest of the function was Ms. Zehra Hathab and Guest of Honour Ms. Maryam Khoory.

Eminent guests also graced the function. Parents assembled in large numbers. The Principal, Dr. Liaquat Ali Khan welcomed the guests with a speech and presented the Annual School Report. The function comprised a variety entertainment programme, in colourful costumes.

The Prize Distribution was held wherein winners were awarded for academics and various activities conducted in school.

Sapphire House won the trophy.

The function ended with the National Anthem.

Grade X Mock Examinations :

Three Mock Examinations were conducted by the school preparing students for the I.G.C.S.E.Examination. A feedback of all the mock examinations was given to the grade X students to help them present better papers.