If I were hanged on the highest hill,
Mother of mine O mother of mine!
I know whose love would follow me still,
Mother of mine O mother of mine!
If I were drowned in the deepest sea,
Mother of mine O mother of mine!
I know whose tears would come
down to me,
Mother of mine O mother of mine!

If I were damned of body and soul,
Mother of mine O mother of mine!
I know whose prayers would
make me whole,
Mother of mine O mother of mine!

By Afra Farheen  Grade KG-II

A Trip to Ruwais

1. I went to Ruwais with my family.

2. We passed mountains on the way.

3. In Ruwais  I saw many animals and birds.

4. There was a lake with many birds.

5. There were ducks, geese, swans, crabs and a pelican.

6. There was also a stag and a nanny dear and a big tortoise.

7. I fed the ducks with bread and biscuits.

8. We enjoyed our trip to Ruwais . It was fun.

By Abdur Rahman Hafeel - Grade I A

My Brother

I have a brother. His name is Raza. He is elder than me. He helps me to study. We play together. We like to play scrabble and table tennis. He helps me to write messages or notes to my friends. Some times when I get hurt he puts plasters on my injury and hugs me. I love Raza very much.

By Syed Abbas - Grade I A

My Hobby

My name is Yassin. I am 6 years old. I study in Grade I A. I have two hobbies. One is drawing and the other is playing with my bicycle. I also like studying but in my free time I always draw or ride my bike. I draw many things some of them are Trees, flowers, birds and clouds. I also ride my bicycle in the Corniche with my parents. My Dad and my Mom like my hobbies.

By Yassin Izzaddin Gr.  I A

My School

I Like my school very much.
I will not leave it.
I like my Teachers very much.
When I sleep I dream that I'm in the school.
I will not leave my school.
I like it very much.

By Mohd.Abdul Aziz -Gr. I A


1. I love gardening it is my hobby.
2. Because planting flower,fruit and vegetable plants makes me happy.
3. I like to mix the soil, plant seeds, water it and watch them grow.
4. It is exciting and fun to watch the new shoots spring into life.
5. When I see this happening I thank Allah for his blessings.
6. Gardening lets me spend time outdoors.
7. I love gardening, because I love to become a farmer,grow crops and rear animals
                                       By Ahmed Haafizul Islam Hafeel
Grade 2 A


Some people don't have habits .They don't listen to their parents
These are some habits

Listen to your parents
Don't shout to the Adults
Don't run from your parents
Don't make your parents angry
Don't say bad words
Grade 3


"Hello" is such a little word,
But it's sent your way
I says so many friendly things
That longer words can't say
It says "you're being thought about"
It say "you're nice to know"
Hope it adds a touch of joy
    This little word "Hello"

By Mohamed Fouad
Grade 3 A

God's Promise

  God didn't promise
  days without pain
  Laughter without sorrow
  or Sun without rain.
  But God did promise
  Strength for the day,
Comfort for the tears
and a light for the way,
And for all who believe
in his Kingdom above,
He answers their faith
with everlasting love

By Mohamed Fouad
Grade 3 A

Special Friend

You have a way about you
That's definitely your own
It comes out in the thoughtfulness
that you've so often shown.
It makes you very special,
really wonderful to know,
And since you're all
those things and more
just had to tell you so!

By Mohamed Fouad
Grade 3 A


Happiness is very lovely,
Whoever gets it very Lucky.
Happiness comes by living together
Not by fighting and cheating each other.
It doesn't come by killing people,
But it comes by helping people.
Happiness doesn't come by
money and richness,
It comes by sharing each other.
Happiness is a very big gift,
Try not to lose it

By Hamza Bin Sultan
Grade 3

Kate's Birthday

        Once upon a time there was a girl called Kate. She was very beautiful but one day a strange thing happened. She had chicken pox and the next day she had her birthday.But Kate was unhappy because she had chicken pox.The next day her friends came so she locked her room because Kate thought that her friends will make fun of her. So she didn't let her friends come in. Then her friends called her mother. Her mother said what happened and her friends replied that kate has locked the door and she is not opening it. So her mother said Kate please open the door ,Your friends are waiting for you. Then Kate opened the door and said Hello and her friends said Hi. What happened to your face they asked. She said "I got chicken pox", in a  sad voice. So sad.Why were you not opening the door said the kate's friends. I thought you will make fun of my face. How can we make fun of you we are your best friends and today is your birthday. Lets celebrate .But my chicken pox , forget  it they said. "Happy birthday " to you and after 4 days Kate's chicken pox was gone and she was living happily.
                                                        By Nisa Tiwana
Grade 3A

Kapi's House

        Once upon a time there was a mouse. Kapu was his name .One day kapu was walking in the forest ,on the way to the lion house ,"what a big house", thought Kapu.

         "How small is my house?" That is why my friend's make fun of me. At that time itself he went and made his hole a big one. Suddenly, wild cat came. When Kapu saw the cat he shivered very much. Kapi's cave was very  big .So that the cat could easily catch the mouse with only one jump.If it was the small hole the mouse had earlier lived, the cat would not have caught him.Kapu realised what a foolish thing he had done.

 By Amritha Surrendran
Grade 2A

Want to be good writer?

1. Use more verbs and few adjectives
    Verbs help the reader  visualize your ideas. Adjectives on the other hand, unless chosen carefully and used  sparingly ,drag your writing down. Choose descriptive verbs that convey specific meanings with as few words  as possible
John open his eyes wide open with surprise.
John's eyes popped open.
2. Use active voice
    Active voice conveys energy and generates interest in your topic.
The ball was hit by Anne
Anne hit the ball.
3.Cut the clutter
    Simplify . Be brief .Get the point.Do not use two words when one will do.Do not make the same point twice. And do not use long words or jargon when short, short simple words will do.
E.g I am writing to you in order to request a copy of your catalogue.Please send me your catalogue.
4. Edit and rewrite
    If you want to write well, you must edit and rewrite your work. DO not assume your first effort is your best effort. It is not. Good writing gives life, interest and joy to even most ordinary topics.

By F. Aghna Faryal
Grade III