The Invention of TELEGRAPH

Man has used all sorts of methods to send messages. In Persia 2,500 years ago, Men with loud voice were placed on mountain tops to shout out the news from one town to another.

Greeks used to flash messages with Lighted torches.

The Red Indians used smoke signals.

In 1830 an artist named Morse was sailing to America after a long stay in Europe. On board the ship there was a man demonstrating the effects of electricity on a magnet. Morse was fascinated by the demonstration.... And it occurred to him that electricity could be used to carry messages from one place to another. Morse was the man who made electricity Telegraph sending machine.

By Fahad Khan Grade VI B

The Clever Old Woman

An old woman lived in a small house. The house was not near a village and she did not have many friends. She did not have much money but she was happy. She had a table and some chairs. She had some plates and some bowls and some pots and pans. She had a tablecloth to put on the table. She had food to eat. She had a radio to listen to. Every day she had a newspaper to read. She was very happy.

One day she picked up her news paper. "Oh, dear !" she said. "I cannot read it My eyes are bad. " She switched on the radio. "I cannot read the newspaper but I can listen to the radio " she said.

The next morning her eyes were weaker. "Oh, dear! " she said. " I cannot see anything". she opened the window. "Help me, someone, " she cried. "Please help me . I cannot see ".

There was a doctor near the window. He was a good doctor but he was a bad man. He wanted to make a lot of money. He went into the house and said to the woman, "I can make your eyes better but I want some money ". "Oh, yes !" said the old woman. "I have some money. Please make my eyes better. I want to see. I cannot see anything. "Very Well," said the doctor. "Here is some medicine for your eyes. Wash your eyes with this medicine. It is very good."

He gave the old woman a bottle but there was no medicine in it. It was water. The woman washer her eyes. "Is that better ? asked the doctor. "No" said the woman. "I cannot see anything". "Wait," said the doctor. "Sit down and listen to your radio. Goodbye!" He went but he took one of the old woman's chairs with him. She did not see this.

The next day the doctor went to the house. "How are you today? " he asked the old woman. "I cannot see, " she said. "Please give me some more medicine for my eyes".
"Here is the medicine" said the doctor. He gave her some more water. "Wash your eyes with it. I'm coming back tomorrow." He went off and this time te took two of the old woman's chairs. The old woman did not see this.

The next day, and the day after , and the day after that, the doctor went back. Every day he gave the old woman some more water. Every day she washed her eye and said "I cannot see anything." Every day the doctor took something away. He took her table, all her chairs, all her plates, all her bowls, all her pots and all her pans. Then  one day he took away her radio.

The doctor went to see the old woman the next day. "How are you today?" he said. "Oh doctor," she cried. "Your medicine is no good. I cannot see and now i cannot hear my radio!". "Don't cry," said the doctor. "I have some better medicine. It is stronger than the other medicine. I am going to get it now but I want some more money". "Oh yes," said the old woman. "I have some more money, but please be quick. I want to see and I want to hear my radio." "Wait!" said the doctor. "I am going now ." off he went.

This time he brought back the radio and he brought back come medicine. It was not water. It was good medicine. "Wash your eys with this, " he said. "This is very good medicine ". The old woman wahsed her eyes with the medicine. The doctor switched on the radio.

"Oh, doctor!" said the old woman. "I can hear my radio. That is very good medicine. Now I can hear my radio. Thank you! "Good " said the doctor. "I want a lot of money for that. Now open your eyes. Can you see? The woman opened her eyes. It was good medicine. She saw the doctor and she saw her house but she did not say "I can see."

"No,doctor," she said. "I cannot see, I cannot see my table. I cannot see my chairs. I cannot see my plates and bowls. I cannot see my pots and pans. I cannot see many things!" The old woman was clever.

"Please wait ," the doctor said. He went off and carried back the table and the chairs and all the other things, and put them in the house. "Yes ," said the woman. "I can see much better now. I can see that you are a good thief .

By Lynford Fernandez Grade VI B

Auto Biography Of a Chair

I was manufactured in London, England in the JOHN CHA chair manufacturing Co. It was the 7th of April when I was Given my final touches, and on the 10th of Aril I was brought to the market to be sold. I was sold immediately, a man who looked very nice & rich purchase me for a fabulous amount. He took me & dumped me into a four wheel drive. The man was very rude and unkind. He always treated everyone as if they were not humans. One day, there was a robbery in his house & the thieves carried me off, and sold me to an old woman who looked quite poor. Her house was very small but cosy. She was very kind lady. As she was in need of money, she sold me for a small sum of money to a businessman. He imported me to PARIS where another businessman imported me to ABU DHABI. Here I was taken to PAN EMIRATES furniture shop and was sold along with many other chairs. It was very next moment that I came to know thatI was taken to a school. I was worried because there would be all sorts of children who sould jump onme, kick me & throw me. But today after being here for five years, I am one of the most luckiest chair. On me sits comfortably the PRINCIPAL of AL RAYYAN NATIONAL PRIVATE SCHOOL.

By Wahaj-Ur-Rehman Grade VIII B

Heady Quiz

1. Why do were wolves do will in School ?
Ans. They give snappy answers!

2. Why didn't the skeleton want to go to School ?
Ans. His heart wasn't in it !

3. What subject do witches like ?
Ans. Spelling !

4. What Hallowe'en  Candy do kids like to eat on the playgraound?
Ans. Recess pieces !

5. How does a witch tell time?
Ans. With a witch watch !

6. What would you get if you crossed a cow with a were wolf ?
Ans. A hamburger that bites back !

7.What do you get if you crossed a vampire with a cow ?
Ans. Drac moola !

8. Why do bats fly at night ?
Ans. Because they are afraid to drive.

9. Why do spiders spin webs ?
Ans. Because they don't know to knit !

10. Why do witches fly on brooms ?
Ans. Because vaccum cleaners are too heavy !

11. Where do ghost shop ?
Ans. In Boo - tiques !

12. Three guys were playing cards in a grave yard. What did they say ?
Ans. "We had better dig up abother player"

13. Where do ghosts play ?
Ans. On tennis corpsel.

14. What's a vampire's favourite sandwich?
Ans. Boo - loney

15. What do you get if you cross a bat with a banana ?
Ans. A banana that hangs upside down !

16. What's a ghost's favourite food ?
Ans. I - scream and Boo - berry pie.

17. Why did the monster eat a lamp?
Ans. He wanted a light snack.

18.  What does Frankenstren have for lunch ?
Ans. About 2000 Volts

19. What do ghost's eat for dinner ?
Ans. Spook - etti !

20. How do vampires travel ?
Ans. By Bloud Vessel.

By Haitam Grade VI B

Mild Animals

We often think that wild animals are dangerous and should be kept far from human beings. These wild animals are happier to be far away from human beings. In fact they feel that their rights are being interfered with when men enters their home (forest) and kill them. Why can't we do something about the animals(man) who has turned this peaceful world into a concrete jungle. Don't you feel that hungle laws have replaced the human law of love ? It's a world where the "Survival of the forest" (not fittest) prevail. "Might is right", is the standard being followed in our world. It is time for us to bring back the law of lovein our human society. If we cannot do that, then we should change our place with the animals. But that's not needed, for men has already turned this peaceful world into a lawless wild jungle. I thing man is wild, animals are mild.

By Adel Yousel Grade VIII B

My Teacher - The Cricket

Cricket is a game from which one learns so much. But the cricket that tought me a lesson is an insect. Some years ago, I read a poem that said that the cricket enjoyed its time, singing and dancing in the summer while the ant worked hard gathering food for the rainy day. And when the raid did come, the cricket went to the ant to ask for some food. The ant sent him away empty hand, telling him to dance the winter away just as he had done during the summer.

We must, like the ant, prepare ourselves everyday for our Final Examination instead of wasting our time like the cricket. I have learnt my lesson. Have you ?

By Nihal Shahid Jamal - Grade VI B


This is Waleed reporting an interview with Mr. C the first human clone on his 25th birthday.
Waleed : How are you Mr. C ?
Mr. C : Fine, Thank you.
Waleed : Most of our readers would like to understand what Cloning is all about.
Mr. C : Well, Cloning is a process in which the genetic material from the adult individual is taken and implanted in zygote. The offspring developed by this process looks alike, as the parent.
Waleed : That's very confusing. Could you describe it in detail, please ?
Mr. C : Well ! Let's consider a person want to clone himself. A zygote i.e. the cell produced after the fusion of an egg and sperm form humans, is taken,the nucleus from the cell is removed by microsurgical process. Then a dividing cell from the body is taken. The nucleus from this cell is removed and injected into the zygotic cell. Now this zygotice which has the persons genes is mplanted in woman's womb and when this cell develops, it forms a child which will resemble all of the persons traits.
Walleed : Wow ! Sounds interesting and simple.
Mr. C : It sounds simple but the whole process is quite complicated and has taken mankind years to standardize.
Waleed : How long do you think it took mankind to develop this ?
Mr. C : I think it started with Hitler and his concept of s superior race. He wanted the Germans to be Superior to the other races. His idea was simple. He asked the most handsome & intelligent officers of his army to marry the most beautiful firls and have babies, which he thought would be the perfect children.
Waleed : Then waht happened ?
Mr. C : Hitler lost the war and every thing came to a stand still. Then it is believed the Americans tried the same. But with the invent of genetic engineering, man has started working with the chromosomes and in 1997 the first mammal "Dolly the sheep" was cloned. Then it hardly took man a few years to clone himself. Incidentally, I was the first person to be cloned. My father was a scientist who tried it on himself and injected the zygote in my mother's womb and I was formed. As the cell taken was from my father, I resemble him totally.
Waleed : Why your father's cell ?
Mr. C : When my father conducted the experiment there was a lot of hue and cry form the activist groups. So, he had to conduct the experiment in secrecy.
Waleed : Then you were born and your father received a lot of praises and awards?
Mr. C : You know better than I do.
Walleed : What was your reaction when you learnt you were  a clone ?
Mr. C : My parents had told me about my birth when I was child. So I think I never felt someone special.
Waleed : Now What is your reaction ?
Mr. C : I feel proud to be born as the first human clone.
Waleed : Does this procedure have any adverse effect ?
Mr. C : Yes ! If the whole procedure is not carried out properly, the child to be born may develop major health & birth deformities.
Waleed : Do you reveal that you are a clone or keep it a secret ?
Mr. C : Well, I think most of the world knows about me and I do not have to reveal myself.
Waleed : Do people treat you equally ?
Mr. C : Yes, But some time I am treated as some one special.
Waleed : Last question Mr. Any advice to anyone who wishes to be cloned.
Mr. C : If you really desire to be clone then go ahead! But with the right methods and procedures. So that the results is a happy one.
Waleed : Thank you, It is a pleasure meeting you.
Mr. C : Same here.
Waleed : That's all  and Have a nice day .

By Waleed Arshad Ali Grade IX B

Mother Teresa - The living saint

Writing anything about mother Teresa is but playing with shells on the sea shore. Mother is an ocean that I have yet to step into, and measure its depth- something that I may not be vulnerable to achieve. Yet I dare to write some of my earlier happy encounters with here - Dare ! yes, I repeat this, every time I ever write for public reading

Mother Teresa is well known, even after hear death; three years of her meeting the God for whom she lived and worked - for she saw God in very poor person she touched with her love and compassion. My mind wanders down the dark and dingy hells of "NIRMAL HRIDAY", her first of the bumberless homes for digging destitutes, that she established throughout the world. I was then in my teens, full of pseudo-heroism but fired but her charismatic personality. My first work , in the seven years of my life with her, was not one which I volunteered, willingly. I was a fad, a fashion, to be associated with anything called Mother Teresa. By All human standards, this place (Nirmal Hriday) was a natural abhorrence. Being "enchained" to the work (Task!) for long gour hours, was a struggle with oneself. But I was ready to take on any amount of "disgust" to be a part of her mission of "Fame".

And one day .......
Mother Teresa chose ME (?) for the work that was to be the "Turning point" in my life. She was going to refashion and transform the place which once was used as a toilet by the insane inmates of  her home, the synonymous with a skating rink. The wrong step or careless move, and you were sure to land on your butt..... She tucked up the end of her sari (Indian lady's dress) , and armed with broom in her hand, she cheerfully asked me to pour water, while she swept away easily, the slime and the putrid..... The place was changed to its original look, and with it, I too transformed. I was feeling the chivalry of "Core Heroism" for the first time in my life. I was being realised from the fetters that had enchained me to the slavery of myself.

The Holy Father, Pope John Paul II , himself her ardent admirer, is in a hurry to canonize (declare saint) her during his lifetime, which in the normal procedure will take years of enquiries and examinations.

The world, and India in particular (the country she made her home since she was  years) will very shortly have a canonized saint, whom the world has already declared "The living Saint".

By Samuel Emmanuel - English Teacher.

Teach me forever

I was never interested in studies especially Mathematics. But that my opnion changed when I reached grade 8. My Mathematics Teacher Mr. Collins was as strict as anyone coue be before. He accepted the challenge to perfect my arithmetic but there wasnot an ounce of co-operation from my side. He worked hard with me, even on friddays. He spent more time on me than he had ever spent on his own son. His high expectations were on me when i was sitting for my maths tutorial. When i read the question Paper I could not recall anything. So I took support of that something, the worst ever feared, for the first time. Cheated and got an A. He suspected my effort but never spoke a word. I carried on with my new-found "effort" and scored excellent grade in every test. The Final examination dawned. There was no way of cheating, I handed my blank answer sheet and confessed to Mr. Collins , my deeds. And to my utter shock, he said "I know!" I felt very annoyed with myself and realissed the hard work, the gallons of perspiration he had drained for me. I worked hard at maths that might for an unknown reason. The next day I went to the staff to seem Mr. Collins. A new teacher came out and informed me that Mr. Collins was no more. Teers welled up in my eyes when the teacher showed me my examination papers. It was complete. I had agin scored the Grade A. He did not let me down. I shall never let you down Mr. Collins.  Thank You.

By Hani Shahid Jamal - Grade X

Nip at the bud

He was looking into that magical box with a face filled with an expression of sadness about hope, pressing every button he could see to make those funny figures came alive on it again. The little baby a year and a half, tried until its father shouted , "Don't play with the T.V. boy ". His mother came and picked him up telling him, "This is not a toy son".
And till today, that young lad could not understand that world of his elders. Why don't they allow him to see those funny figures which always made him happy? Why? He took another glance at that magical box, when he found no one was around. He crowled back and started playing with the buttons until those figures beamed brightly. He started clapping and laughing, but his father once again scolded him and shouted , "Don't play with the T.V.".
This time he gave up all hope, and started crying. And that is what is happening even today. I still fear - not the T.V. but my father.

By Hussam Arafa - Grade X

A football

I am a foot ball
or you may say Kick ball
That's because everyone kicks me and many times the puppies come and            lick    me  .
I am famous because I mainly come on T.V
That also some times makes me angry.
This is because I get injured.
                                           By Wessam Grade 5 B

My visit to Disney Land

    Disney land on Onlando, Florida a state of America is a place for fun and amusement for the people of every age to enjoy.
       Actually it is a very big and famous place. It has many rides and games and shops.If we had to go to Disney land we had to spend one week over there.That's why there are motels all over the Disney land.We stayed in the Disney motel which is right in the centre of Disney land. First of all we went in the giant wheel. It was very huge. Next we went in the boat rides. They look very beautiful in night with lights on them. And of course see the whole state .After that we ate popcorn and went to water world which is in the basement of Disney land. We came up and went to our motel .It was 12'0' clock at night. I was very sleepy. I went to bed first. In the morning we woke up early and we went to other sides and the snow white castle was the best on its back side was a stream of water with real wild geese in it. It was three 'o' clock when we had our lunch and went on more ride till one week. I can't write the whole detail.But I do love to visit Disney land again.

By Raza Ali
Grade 4B

When I was Little

When I was little I was very naughty.I used to go to school from KG1.They used to teach ud alphabet.I studied till KG 3 and then I came to Abu Dhabi for the first time in my life. After 40days I had to attend a school called Al Rayyan National (pvt) School.That time I was in Grade 1.I had a book called Little red riding hood. In Grade 2 I made 3 best friends called Chulanga ,Sulaiman and Mina.We were very friendly to each other.If I need anything I used to take it from one of these.We went upto
Grade 3.Sulaiman left us after the Half-yearly exam.I was so sad but after that I was naughty again.
It was very easy in Grade 4.Me and Chulanga as mina left the school and went to Sherwood School.I felt sad but this is life .We have to leave each other oneday. Grade 4 was very hard.After all I passed it.
Nowiam in Grade 5 and our las teacher is Mrs. Anitha she teach us English and she is so kind.

By Omer Awad
Grade 5 B