MRS. FAIROZA GHAFFAR - (Supervisor) Experienced Primary School teacher.  Academic Supervisor and Coordinator from KGI to grade III, also teaching subjects: English, and Islamic Studies in Grade I.  Started teaching career as a Primary School Teacher at Islamia English School, Abu Dhabi, serving for a period of 10 years and continued to serve same school in the capacity of Assistant Incharge of the Primary section. Has had a sound educational background topping her batch at the final year at  college.  Excelled in the field of extra curricular activities including drama and singing.  Hobbies include reading.

MRS. KAUSAR LIAQUAT : (Supervisor) B.Sc., B.Ed. Academic Supervisor from grades IV to VII.. Teaching subjects Science, Maths, Biology and Hindi to grades IV - VIII. Started teaching career in the year 1979 and has during 18 years served five reputed schools, three in India and two in Abu Dhabi including a day - boarding public school. Was Principal of Model High School, Aurangabad for two years. Edited School magazines and conducted various co-curricular activities. Hobbies include reading, cooking and gardening.

MR. ESSAM MOHAMMED TAUFIQUE HASSAN -(Supervisor) B.A., in Arabic Literature  from Tanta University in Egypt.  Teaching Arabic to IGCSE and other senior classes. Other experience includes four years teaching Arabic language in Egypt and United Arab Emirates to Preparatory and Secondary level students, from 1994-1998.  Started teaching career at El Ibrahimi Private school in Egypt and worked for two years.

MR. ARUN CHRISTOPHER. M.A. ( History). Class teacher of grade VII. Teaching Social Studies to grades IV-VIII and History in IX and X. Started teaching career at The Punjab Public School, Nab, India -member of Indian Public School conference in the year 1992. Joined The Lawrence School, Sandra - member of headmasters conference in the year 1995 and taught ancient, medieval and modern Indian History and World History, including Modern Art Revivalism. Currently teaching international relations to IGCSE class. Had a brilliant academic career, won academic excellence prizes including a college color. Hobbies include reading, aero-modelling, sports.

MR. LALIT MOHAN JOSHI : MSc.Physics, BEd. Co-ordinator for IGCSE. Teaching subjects Physics and Maths to grade VII-X. Started teaching career at Shri Guru Ram Rai Public School in Dehra Dun (U.P.), India in 1994. Had a good educational career at University standing first in most of the courses offered. Computer Literate. Hobbies include reading science magazine, listening music and playing indoor games.

MR. MOHAMMED JAVED KHAN : BPE, MPE - PET (Physical Education Teacher). Conducting classes till grade X. Started teaching career at Ryan International School Delhi, a branch of St. Xavier group of schools Bombay in the year 1991 and worked till Sept. 1997. Trained children from elementary level for the state and national levels in Athletics and various games and also trained a girl in Throwball at International level. Had keen interest in Adventure sports and organised various training camps for Trekking, Rockclimbing, rapling, Hiking  at Kafni glacier, Gadhwal hill and Himalayan region. Hobbies: singing, listening and music.

MRS. AMANI FAROOK :   Graduate Alexandria University/Bachelor of Communication and Information, worked as journalist in Alahran newspaper for one year,  in Egypt.  Started teaching at Ashgate  Manor School in Abu Dhabi in the year 1995,  and then in Al Manhal School .  Now teaching Arabic,  and  Tarbia Islamia from grade II to grade IX .  Hobbies include reading, painting, swimming.

MRS. ZAINAB HASSAAN JOUNI - License of Social Studies at the Beirut Arabic University.  Teaching subjects - Arabic , Tarbia Islamia and Quran to grades one to five.  Started teaching career at the Ministry of Education in U.A.E., 1976. Has since worked at the Military Educational department and the Islamic centre, South Florida, USA. Joined Al Rayyan in 1995.

MISS HOVIEYEH ASGAR POONAWALA. B.Sc., B.Ed. Class teacher of grade III-B. Teaching  subjects Maths, Science  to grades II, and III. Started teaching career in the year 1991 and since then have taught in two reputed schools in India. Had a good educational career at the university passing with distinction  at all levels. Hobbies include reading, elocution and debates, trekking.

MRS.CHARLOTTE J. BANKOTKAR- M.A.(English), B.Ed. Class teacher of grade III-A.Teaching subjects - English, Social studies  to grades II, III, and VIII. Started  teaching career at St.Xavier’s High School in Borivili, Mumbai, India in the year 1990 and continued serving till the 1997. Had a good educational career at the university. Hobbies include reading and singing.

MRS. S. SOMA SUNDARI - M.Sc.(Maths), Post-Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications.  Teaching subjects: Maths, Computer Studies to grades IV to X.  Started teaching career at Sri Sarada College for women, in Tamil Nadu in the year 1995 and served there for the period of one year.  Stood 2nd in the university department in M.Sc in the year 94-95.  Hobbies include playing veena, reading and gardening.

MRS. HELEN AMBROSE -  Diploma in Teacher’s Training Certificate and modern Maths.  Teaching subjects - Maths, Science, Social Studies, Art/craft and P.T to grades I & II. Served in two reputed schools in India. Started teaching career at Lady Engineer High school in 1997. Served for 12 years at  Christ Church School, Mumbai. Enjoys reading, classical movies,  embroidery and cooking.

MRS. ZAHIMA MARZOOK - Diploma in the Montessori Method, Diploma in Child Psychology and Development (Advanced Course), Diploma in Journalism.  Market Research Investigator and Copy Writer from 1982.  Class teacher grade II A.  Subjects include English, Science, Art, Islamic studies and Social Studies.  Teaching career commenced in 1992.  Served in two reputed schools in Sri Lanka and one in Jeddah, KSA.  Last school served - Minaret High School Colombo, was also the Editorial Co-ordinator of the inaugural year book.  Special interest in writing and producing plays.  Enjoys reading and cooking.

MISS HAFIZA E BHAMJEE - B.A., B.Ed. Teaching subjects Maths and Computer Studies to grades II - V.Started her teaching career in the  year 1989 and since then has served in three reported schools in Bombay, India.  Had a good educational career at the Bombay University. Has also completed her certificate in data processing in Bombay, India. Hobbies include reading and writing.

MRS. NASREEN DAVID CHAUDHARY - Post graduate in Nursing.  Presently school nurse.  Teaching Urdu  from KG-II to grade IV.   Started teaching career at Baqai school of nursing Karachi (Pakistan) and have since served in two schools, including Maryland in U.A.E. Other interests are reading, knitting and needle work.

MRS. AFROSE ASHRAF - B.A. Teaching Bengali to all grades.  Started teaching career at Al Rayyan School in the year 1997.  Love for teaching prompted to take up the present job.  Hobbies include reading and improving her culinary skills.

MRS. AMAL AL JBOUR : Holds Bachelors degree in Arabic and Tarbia Islamia from Jordon. Started her teaching career in Jordon at the "Ideal School" in 1990. After working for six years in the same school she shifted to a government school where she worked for a year before coming to Abu Dhabi.

MRS. AIDA MEHMOOD : She is a Commerce graduate from Cairo, Egypt. She did several administrative assignments in reputed companies before switching over to "teaching" in 1998. She teaches easy Arabic to non-Arabs and Tarbia Islamia.

MR. SHAMSUL ARIFEEN : B.Sc. (Hons), M.Sc., M.Phil. Teaches Urdu to Grade V – X and Islamic Studies to Grade V – VI. He has been in the teaching profession for the last 20 years at different levels from primary to college level. Has been a teacher of Urdu and Islamic Studies in Abu Dhabi for the last eight years.

MRS. ANUBHA ARORA : M.Sc. (Maths, B.Ed. A postgraduate in Mathematics and a B.Ed from Delhi University and a rank holder for the same. She started her teaching career under the principalship of Dr. Singha (Chairman CBSE). After that she taught Maths for six years in Kenderiya Vidyalaya to Grades VI to X. She has also taught Maths to higher grades in Abu Dhabi schools following British curriculum. Class Teacher of Grade V A and teaches Mathematics to Grades : V,VII, and VIII..

MRS. KALPANA RAJA : An Economics graduate from the Madras University, India. Started her careet as a teacher in a Pakistani School in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  Later on joined the Riyadh International Public School as a Upper Kindergarten teacher for about one and a half year. She enjoys this profession and keeps looking to be a teacher.

MR. SAHEB ASIF MOHD. - B.Com, D.C.P. Teaching Computer practical to Gr. IV-X Started teaching career at Patkar College, Goregaon, Mumbai, India in the year 1990. Worked as a Course co-ordinator cum Computer Programmer for one of the reputed Govt. Recognized Computer Institutes at Kandivli, Mumbai, India for the last 7 years and also worked with S.N.D.T. College, Santacruz, Mumbai, India as a Visiting Faculty for Computer Studies. Area of interest - Computer Programming, Networking and Computer Hardware. Hobbies includes reading, listening music and sports.

MR. K.K. JAMES : B.Sc., M.Ed., D.B.A. Started teaching career at Holy Cross Higher Secondary School and for a brief period also worked as its vice-principal. Served for one of the prestigious institutions of India, “ Bishop Cotton School,” Bangalore, India as Chemistry teacher. Closely associated with the council for ICSE as Co-Chief Examiner for many years. Won the          Rev. Foulger Prize in B. Ed. and M.Ed. at Meston College, Madras. Extra co curricular activities include Road safety Patrol, Science Club, Quizzing,. Hobbies include, swimming, reading, and listening to the music.

MR. SAMUEL EMANUEL : M. A. English, B. Ed.  Class teacher of grade IX B. He began his public life as a Religious Brother with the Missionaries of Charity and worked along with the World-Famed Late Mother Teresa. Joined the teaching profession in 1972 and taught at Notre Dame Academy, Munger Bihar, India and St. Michael’s High School Patna, India and was also its founder principal for 20 years. He last taught English to senior Classes in Army School, Danapur Cantonment, Patna, India from where he joined Al Rayyan National (Pvt) School, Abu Dhabi. He is due to be awarded Doctorate, shortly. He has a keen interest in Dramatics and is gifted with acting and directing plays and conducting elocution and debates.

MR. MOHAMMED SALAHUDDIN : M.Sc. Bio-Science. Started teaching career at Eminent High School, Hydrabad, India. Worked there from 1995-1998. Also taught Post-Graduate classes at the University of Mysore, for a brief period of one year from 1998-1999. Have published Research Papers in International Journal “Science” and International Journal of Animal Behavior. Had a brilliant academic career and was awarded various prizes at College and University levels. Enjoys adventure sports, aero-modelling and painting.

MR. MOHAMMED KHALID SIDDIQUI : B.Sc. Honors, M.Sc. (Applied Mathematics), B. Ed. Started teaching career at Shaheen Public School, Karachi, Pakistan in the year 1992. Joined Hamdard College of Science, Karachi, Pakistan in 1993 and continued working there until 1999 before joining Al Rayyan National (Pvt.) School, Abu Dhabi. Hobbies include reading Urdu Literature and Urdu Poetry.

MRS. RAZIA SHAHBAZ : M. A.  Economics, B. A., B. Ed. with advanced Urdu. Started her career in 1974 as teacher in Karachi, Pakistan with Hashmat Wahidi English, School, serving there for a period of 10 years. Served Islamia English School in Abu Dhabi from 1989 through 1996, teaching “O” level and college classes. Served with Al Rayyan School for a brief period of two years from 1989 to 1996 and again joined in 1999.

DR. IBRAHIM BABY SHAIKILA : M. Sc., M. Phil, B. Ed., Ph.D.: started career in research as a Senior Research Fellow in the "US Department of Agriculture" sponsored project at Coimbatore, India. Received the award of the senior Research Fellow from the council of Scientific and Industrial Research, New Delhi, India. Received her Ph.D. in Zoology in 1998. First venture teaching out of India was in Majeediyya School, Maldives. Also worked as Lecturer in Zoology at M.E.S. College, Poonani, Kerla, India. Had good administrative experience by working as the Deputy Director for the M.E.S for C.B.S.E. Hobbies: Reading and listening music.

MRS. ANITA MAITRA : M.A. (English), B.Ed. Started teaching career in North India and taught senior classes for ten years in some reputed institutions of higher learning. Joined Al Rayyan in October, '99. Has been teaching English to Middle school classes. Housemistress of the Emerald House. Likes listening mucis, reading and photography.

MRS. NAYEEM ZAIDI SHAH BUKHARI : B.A., B.Ed. Her love for teaching drew her to this profession. After completing her T.T.C. started her career in “Frank Anthony School” Calcutta, India, taught for 5 years. Then she shifted to New Delhi, worked as a co-ordinator in Anglo-Arabic Primary School for one year. She has participated in dramas, quiz, debates, and sports. Her hobbies include-reading, writing and painting.

MRS. FAWZIA EL SAYEED : A Bachelors degree from Ain shams University, Egypt. Started her teaching career as French teacher with the Ministry of Education, Egypt, in 1980. Worked there for four years and then moved to UAE in 1984. Prior to joining Al Rayyan she had already put in eight years of teaching service in a couple of Abu Dhabi schools teaching French and Arabic.

MRS. HITHA LENDHIR : M.A. (English), B.Ed. Started teaching career in the Southern state of Kerala and was teaching college level students before coming to Abu Dhabi. Joined Al Rayyan in February, 2000. Has been teaching English to middle school classes. Class teacher of V-A.

MRS. SUJA MARY KURUVILLA : M.Sc. Maths, B.Ed. Started teaching career in the sourthern Indian state of Kerala. Has taught in two schools in Abu Dhabi before joining Al Rayyan inFebruary, 2000. Has been teaching Maths to middle school classes. Class teacher of VIII-A. Likes reading, stamp collection and cooking.